I am grateful for life,
a second chance,
another day to count my blessings,
to be happy,
to love,
to contribute,
to dream big,
to write,
to read,
to breathe and to recite,
to drive,
to smile,
to nourish my heart and my soul,
to share it with people around me,
to imagine and to create,
to paint a laughter on someone’s face,
to cherish a dream,
to walk by a stream,
to honor and dignity,
to mastery,
to creativity,
to smell the fall and to anticipate the spring,
to hug people – I love,
to hold hands of my mother,
to put my head on my dad’s shoulder,
to admire my brothers,
to adore my sisters,
to kiss the yummy cheeks of my nephews and nieces,
to share – the peace,
to protect – my animals,
to be grateful for the wealth, love and security
family and friends.

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