It is more common than you think. You might discover after a party, a meeting or networking event or a simple conversation with a friend, that you are emotionally drained.

May be it simply have you wanting to run and hide.

It can happen when you have conversation with your friend, which include, judgment, gossip, complain or dismay over current events.

One person’s negativity can inflame another person’s emotions causing stress that they are not even aware of.

Stress is an emotional response of your body. Your heart and brain can pick up the negativity as your phone’s antenna receives the signals for Wi-Fi.

This explains why you would feel drained after a meeting or having a conversation that is important to you.

Stress is an emotional response of your body.

Just as when we do not take care of our physical health and our immune system is weak, we are susceptible to illnesses and infections, similarly when we are in a weaker emotional state we get easily impact by the emotional states of others around us.

This shows that we are human beings are interconnected, our states affect other people around us and we influence them. It is not only to be aware of how other people’s states is impacting you, but also taking responsibility of how your state of stress may be impacting other people around you.

Knowing that we cannot change what is there, however we can take control what is going on where we are and transform it. By taking control and transforming our state of being, we can eventually affect positively people around us.

Taking Responsibility for managing our emotions and state of being and bringing balance brings balance in our homes, work and our society.

It starts from recognizing the source of our energy drains, negative emotions and your stress.

Your heart has the wisdom to share. It is that our brain chatter is too loud; it does not allow us to listen to our heart’s wisdom.

 Take some time and get to know yourself and the source of your stress. Take a journal and ask yourself:

  • What affects you? Events, conversations or people, media?
  • How does it affect you?
  • How does it affect your family and people around you?

Write it down.

  • Focus on the area of your heart or the center of chest,
  • Breathe gently and slowly and imagine your breath is following from your heart,
  • While you breathe, recall a positive experience or a feeling
  • Do this for few minutes.
  •  Reach out to your heart – consult with your heart and ask what will help relieve the stress that you feel

Write it in your journal.

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